Óleo perfumado de lavanda e camomila, 1/2 fl oz (15 mL) Frasco conta-gotas

Ingredientes: Fragrância
Direções: Aproveite as vantagens do óleo da fragrância ao fabricar velas, incenso, pot-pourri, sabonetes, desodorantes e outros produtos de banho e para o corpo.
AVISO: Para uso animal apenas. Não ingerir. Não use diretamente sobre apele e nem aplique sobre a pele irritada ou rachada. Dilua em um sabonete, desodorante ou outros produtos de cuidados pessoais. Se ocorrer irritação da pele, interrompa o uso e consulte o seu médico. Se estiver gestante, amamentando ou estiver tomando algum medicamento, ou sofrer de alguma doença crônica, consulte o seu médico antes de usar. Se ocorrer alguma reação adversa, interrompa imediatamente o uso deste produto e consulte o seu médico. Mantenha fora do alcance de crianças. Mantenha os óleos longe dos olhos.

There are few things quite as soothing as a cup of chamomile or lavender tea before bed. These floral wonder herbs have long been associated with relaxation, and for some hold quite the nostalgic sensation of summers spent among the blooms of these flowers. We’ve combined these two popular aromas together for an intricate spa fragrance. You’ll love to use this Lavender Chamomile Oil in all your homemade products! Fragrance Herbal and floral, like a fresh cup of tea before bed Flash Point 248°F History of Lavender & Chamomile A hardy evergreen shrub, lavender is best known for its eye-catching blue-grey blooms which grow straight up towards the sun. An herb treasured since the Babylonian era, fields of lavender can be found growing throughout Spain and France. Chamomile, famous for its tea, is a daisy-like flower native to Europe which thrives throughout the U.S. It is perhaps one of the oldest herbs used by man, dating back to the ancient Egyptians. These timeless aromas come together in this oil, and a little goes a long way with your projects! How to Use Lavender Chamomile Fragrance Oil Add the soothing, clean aroma of Lavender Chamomile fragrance oil to your candle making, incense, potpourri, soaps, deodorants and other bath and body products! To learn how to make your own unique homemade candles, check out this simple step-by-step on The Pipe Line! Piping Rock’s Promise: We proudly offer you everything you need for an advanced, daily Aromatherapy regiment at the lowest cost in the industry! From Essential Oils to Carrier Oils, Diffusers to Blending Bottles, Beeswax, Books & more, we have you covered. With over 100 Essential Oils to choose from, you can create your own homemade scents and beauty products. Enjoy various blends & Essential Oils Sprays or experience our revitalizing, botanical Massage Oils!
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