Óleo essencial 100% puro de benzoína, 2 fl oz (59 mL) Frasco

Ingredientes: Óleo de benjoim 100% puro (Styrax benzoin)
Direções: Aproveite os benefícios do óleo essencial Piping Rock® para massagem ou na hora do banho. Para massagem, dilua na proporção recomendada de 5 gotas de óleo essencial para 10 ml óleo transportador natural Piping Rock®.
AVISO: Para uso animal apenas. Dilua em óleo veicular. Não use diretamente sobre apele e nem aplique sobre a pele irritada ou rachada. Mantenha fora do alcance de crianças. Mantenha os óleos longe dos olhos. Se ocorrer irritação da pele, interrompa o uso e consulte o seu médico. Se estiver gestante, amamentando ou estiver tomando algum medicamento, ou sofrer de alguma doença crônica, consulte o seu médico antes de usar. Interrompa o uso e consulte o seu médico se ocorrer alguma reação adversa. Mantenha os óleos longe de superfícies duras e acabamentos.

Derived from a flowering tree (Styrax benzoin) native to Southeast Asia, benzoin is an aromatic resin that can be converted into oil through solvent extraction. Benzoin's golden hue is a telltale sign of its warm, rich scent, which carries a significant vanilla presence. Most widely included in incense, benzoin has historically been used to banish evil spirits. Today it commonly featured in luxurious perfumes. Plant Part Used Resin Extraction Method Solvent extraction Aroma Medium. Warm and vanilla-like. Benzoin Essential Oil Benefits Serenely soothing and gracefully grounding. Conveys the comfort and calm of a loving embrace. Blends Well With Angelica, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Myrrh, Neroli, Orange, Petitgrain, Peru Balsam, Rose, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang History of Benzoin Not to be confused with the organic chemical compound benzoin, this fragrant oil is sourced from the sticky resin of the tall Southeast Asian tree known as Styrax benzoin. Historically exported from the region by sea trade, benzoin became prized throughout Europe, Asia and Africa for its warm vanilla-honey scent. This led to its inclusion in many varieties of incense and perfume, spiking demand throughout the world. Using Benzoin Oil All essential oil blends are for aromatherapy use only and are not for ingesting! Indonesian Island Getaway Featuring smooth jojoba carrier oil, this blend evokes the carefree relaxation of an exotic Indonesian vacation… without the airfare! 1 ounce Jojoba Carrier Oil 4 drops Benzoin Oil 3 drops Ylang Ylang Oil 2 drops Lime Oil 2 drops Vanilla Oil Benzoin Tincture A soothing and uplifting blend, just add to hot water and inhale the vapors. 4 drops Benzoin Oil 2 drops Angelica Oil 2 drops Myrrh Oil 2 drops Balsam Oil Aromatherapy Uses Bath & Shower Add 5-10 drops to hot bath water, or sprinkle into shower steam before getting in for an at-home spa experience. Massage 8-10 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil. Apply a small amount directly to areas of concern, such as muscles, skin or joints. Work the oil gently into the skin until it is fully absorbed. Inhalation Inhale the aromatic vapors directly from the bottle, or place a few drops in a burner or diffuser to fill a room with its scent. DIY Projects This oil can be used in your homemade DIY projects, such as in candles, soaps, and body care products!
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